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Vacuum massage is an active effect on the patient's body with the help of cans, which creates pressure drops, causes a rush of blood to biologically active points, stimulation of metabolic processes in the tissues of the body.


There are several methods by which therapeutic cupping massage and cupping anti-cellulite massage of the required areas are carried out. This is a classic can massage, Tibetan can massage of several varieties, as well as can massage without using fire using plastic, rubber, piston, and vacuum cans.

Vacuum-can massage begins with warming up the client's body with the help of rubbing, stroking, squeezing and kneading. Then massage oil is applied to the client’s skin and special massage jars are installed.

With the help of the rectilinear movements of the can, the masseur works out areas that are located several centimeters from the spine. Smooth and neat movements in the direction from the lower back to the cervical spine and vice versa, combining them with the rectilinear, zigzag, circular and spiral movements of the can, the main part of the session is performed.

A relatively new cosmetic procedure, which is becoming more popular among clients of beauty salons, is the combination of honey and can massage. This procedure uses pneumatic (vacuum) cans. By the way, it is worth noting that honey and can massages are a rather painful procedure, it is worth considering for owners of sensitive and delicate skin.

The benefits of vacuum massage:
Thanks to vacuum cupping, muscle activity is stimulated. In addition, the can massage of the hips significantly increases the elasticity of the skin. During the massage, biologically active areas of the body are stimulated. The process of cleansing the body. It should be noted that canned foot massage reduces swelling and inflammatory processes in the joints and tissues.

The lifting effect provided by can massage is explained by the increased production of collagen and elastin in the areas of vacuum exposure to the skin, subcutaneous fat and connective tissue. As a result of the can massage procedure, it improves:

blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage;

metabolism increases;

tissue stagnation is eliminated;

This type of massage should not be carried out more often than once or twice a week. The duration of the massage session is selected individually, usually a can massage of the buttocks, legs and back lasts from 40 to 60 minutes.

This effective procedure will significantly improve your health, strengthen the body's defenses, increase immunity, and get rid of cellulite.

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