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Питание Салат

Recipes, nutritional recommendations.

Подросток Балерина

The direction of psychotherapy, working with the problems and neuroses of the patient through bodily contact procedures

Йога перегоны

The direction in medicine and psychology studies and explains the influence of emotional experiences, stress and psychological problems on the physical condition

Поза лотоса

A selection of the best online yoga classes


Getting rid of stress using a method aimed at a differentiated perception of one's body, at a more conscious control of the body

Взрослые Студенты

Educational programs

Йога на дому

Meditative methods are based on controlling the functions of the psyche with the help of concentration.

практика йоги

Based on the theory and study of levels and states of consciousness, it is called "the science of harmony of consciousness" or positive thinking

Летающие книги

Developing and motivating literature. Literature on the body.

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