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High-quality facial massage can compare with plastic surgery. However, it does not require large expenditures. This effect is explained by the fact that during the procedure stimulation of metabolic processes occurs, the skin receives the necessary nutrients, the production of collagen and elastin begins, which are the basis of skin elasticity and firmness. As a result, such positive changes are observed externally:
muscle tissue strengthens, helping smooth wrinkles

the effect of sagging skin disappears, the contours of the face are drawn

metabolic processes that contribute to the disappearance of various redness are normalized

swelling goes away

the effect of rejuvenation and freshness of the face appears

No less thorough personal care requires the neck and decollete. These parts of the body have delicate skin, and wrinkles on the neck, as well as on the face, are among the first to appear. Massage of the neck from wrinkles in combination with special exercises and masks for the skin will help to remove all the signs of aging, making the neck attractive as before and the skin on it young.

Massage is also a relaxation process, during which stress is relieved and the general well-being of a person improves, which raises the mood. And this, as you know, is one of the key to health.

What you need to know about massage?
Even if such a procedure seems harmless, there are still its own rules and contraindications. Acting irresponsibly can only do harm.

Wrinkle massage should begin to be practiced by the age of 28, as the first signs of skin aging begin to appear at this time. Of course, for prophylaxis, no one forbids doing it earlier if it is really necessary. However, in addition to such a recommendation, there are other contraindications:

acute skin rashes (eczema, pyoderma, herpes, etc.);

a large number of moles or papillomas;

scratches, abrasions on the skin;

increased fragility of blood vessels;

previous procedures of medium and deep skin cleansing.

Failure to follow these points can result in serious skin problems. Therefore, before a massage procedure, you must consult your cosmetologist.

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