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Lymphatic drainage of the body is a technique aimed at restoring lymphatic circulation in the body, improving blood flow and enhancing metabolic processes.

Lymph is one of the varieties of connective tissue. It is formed from a fluid filling the intercellular space. Its function is to transport substances.


Products of the vital activity of cells enter the lymph - both toxins and toxins, as well as proteins, electrolytes, etc. Some substances are partially neutralized in the lymph nodes, others enter the bloodstream, saturate organs and tissues, and are excreted through the excretory system.

From the intercellular space, the lymph enters the capillaries, then into the lymphatic vessels and ducts, which end their path in the large veins.

The lymphatic system is not closed. Does not have any pump. The fluid in it moves contrary to the force of gravity from the bottom up due to breathing and contraction of the muscles surrounding the vessels.

Over the years, unused waste substances and the remains of dead cells accumulate in the ducts, which contributes to the formation of obstacles to the flow of lymph. With age, fluid movement slows down, decay products accumulate in cells. All this can lead to slagging and gradual poisoning of the body.

During the lymphatic drainage procedure, pressure is applied to the lymphatic ducts. Movements are made in the direction of fluid flow. Acceleration is given to the lymph, due to which it is more actively expelled from the cells, taking with it waste substances and toxins, as well as returning useful metabolic products to the blood. Thus, lymphatic drainage helps to establish the lymph flow, and with it the metabolism, which primarily affects the condition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and subsequently throughout the body.

In beauty salons, the lymphatic drainage procedure of the body is used to correct the figure and eliminate external aesthetic defects. It is shown in the presence of:


body fat;

stretch marks, scars;

subcutaneous edema.

In addition, massage helps relieve muscle tension, establish venous blood flow. This technique can be used in combination to eliminate the effects of varicose veins.

Lymphatic drainage body massage is indicated during the rehabilitation period after surgery. It improves fluid outflow and accelerates tissue regeneration.

The benefits of massage are to restore lymphatic flow and venous circulation. This is a very important point in the metabolic process.

When all the spent components are removed on time, and beneficial agents are freely delivered to organs and tissues, an internal balance sets in. Nothing extra accumulates, is not postponed. The processes of renewal and regeneration occur in a timely manner.

Despite the fact that the full course of lymphatic drainage massage consists of 10-12 sessions, repeated 2-3 times a week, you can feel the effect of the procedure after the first visit to the session.


At the end of the session, the client will most likely feel the urge to urinate. The explanation is simple. Lymphatic drainage enhances fluid movement in the body. All excess moisture tends to leave accumulation sites faster.

After massage, urine becomes more concentrated. This means that toxins and toxins enter it more intensively, respectively, they are faster removed from the body.

Together with the excess fluid, the excess volume also leaves. The body becomes slimmer. Unpleasant folds disappear.

The skin is enriched with nutrients, gets rid of toxins. Outwardly, this is manifested in the improvement of its color and structure. Dryness, flabbiness leaves. Wrinkles disappear. Smoothness appears, elasticity returns.

During lymphatic drainage massage of the body, the muscles completely relax. The clamp is removed. The pain caused by spasms go away.

Stress provokes stiffness in the shoulder girdle and neck. Removing this symptom helps restore mental balance. Get rid of the consequences of the experienced negative.

After working out the zone of the shoulders and neck, cerebral circulation is restored. As a result, nervousness goes away, mood and emotional state improve. Headaches, insomnia pass. Recovering memory and concentration.

Lymphatic drainage helps accelerate metabolism, burn excess fat, and detoxify. The best effect is observed when combining the procedure with sports and a special diet aimed at cleansing the body.

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