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We all strive to take care of our body health and beauty. The best and, most importantly, pleasant way to maintain the body in perfect condition is massage. What could be more pleasant than a state of complete relaxation and a feeling of absolute harmony of the body and soul during and after the session?

One of the main types of massage is classic massage. It is aimed at the general improvement of the body and is recognized as an excellent prophylactic against neurotic disorders. After passing the course of classical massage, an improvement in the functioning of the lymphatic system is observed, blood circulation is normalized. This type of massage is basic, since a large number of varieties of massage from lymphatic drainage to anti-cellulite have arisen on its basis.

The effect of therapeutic classic massage is multifaceted. Is he:

strengthens the cardiovascular system;

improves blood circulation;

improves heart function;

has a significant positive effect on the articular and musculoskeletal systems;

relieves nervous stress, fatigue and psycho-emotional arousal;

improves metabolism;

significantly strengthens health, stimulating immunity;

lifts vitality.


This procedure can be aimed both at stimulating muscle tone, and, on the contrary, promote muscle relaxation, depending on the technique used. Classical massage helps to remove muscle clamps, improves blood circulation and enhances lymph flow.

In addition to the healing effect, classic body massage also has a powerful cosmetic effect. Due to this, the skin color and its elasticity are significantly improved.

An excellent anti-stress effect will provide a relaxing classic massage. The main objective of a relaxing massage is to relieve fatigue and stress and, as a result, prevent psychological stress. As for the classical massage technique, the following techniques are used as the main techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, patting and vibration.

On average, the duration of a classic massage session is 1-1.5 hours. After the session you will feel a significant surge of energy, and a great mood. The recommended massage course is 12-15 sessions every 2-3 days. After taking a massage course, it is recommended to maintain the result by performing the massage once every 1.5-2 weeks. The massage course must be repeated every six months.

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