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Massage is not only a way of relaxation. This is a whole complex of mechanical and reflex effects on the human body. With the help of a variety of techniques: rubbing, pressure, vibration - you can achieve both therapeutic and overall healing effect, maintain muscle tone, develop them. It is especially necessary for children. We are talking about absolutely healthy guys, and those who have any problems. If in the first case, a set of measures will contribute to the proper development of motility, strengthening muscles, nervous and immune systems, then in the second - it will help to cope with existing diseases. Depending on the age of the child, massage can achieve different goals.

The benefits of this procedure are obvious. Its implementation contributes to:
general strengthening of the body
helps with neurological abnormalities and orthopedic diseases
accelerates the development of fine motor skills
makes the child more active.
strengthens the baby’s immune system

improves blood circulation

develops the respiratory system

improves digestion

Vitamin D is released during massage in the skin.


Why do I need a massage for a child of kindergarten age?
Massage for children from 2.5 to 7 years may include a variety of techniques. For healthy children, it, in addition to its main function - relieving tension from muscles and saturating tissues with oxygen, can be an excellent way to develop speech, thinking and imagination. It should be combined with special words, poems, nursery rhymes. Depending on the purpose of the event, to calm or, on the contrary, warm up the muscles, you should choose different times of the day and the intensity of the effect. In any case, massage will help improve the baby’s lymph flow and blood circulation.

When he is prescribed by a doctor to treat certain diseases, then a specialist should do it. As a rule, this is a whole course consisting of various procedures. Its purpose may be treatment and prevention: flatfoot strengthening a certain muscle group, complex therapy of inflammatory diseases (bronchitis, laryngitis, cystitis, gastritis, pneumonia), posture correction (kyphosis, scoliosis, stoop, flattening of the spine) and other indications, speedy recovery after received injuries (dislocations, fractures, cracks).

Why do I need a massage for a school-age child?
For school children, it is carried out according to the doctor’s testimony. The same problems are solved as in preschool children: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurological problems, etc. However, adolescents can perform some elements on their own.

Massage will save schoolchildren from numerous problems and will lead to improved sleep, relieve muscle and nervous tension, increase appetite and immunity, improve academic performance.


For all the benefits of children's massage, he, like many other procedures, has its own contraindications. It is forbidden to massage during inflammatory processes, infectious diseases and allergic rashes on the skin of a child. To avoid problems, before performing a massage consult your doctor for possible contraindications.

Remember! Massage is important for a child at any age!

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