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Fat deposits (cellulite) not only spoil the appearance, but are a consequence of the chronic process associated with the violation of water-salt metabolism in the fat cell and microcirculation. The most effective method of combating the "orange peel" today is massage.

Anti-cellulite massage leads to a quick, powerful and stable result: elimination of cellulite and excess body fat, and, as a result, getting rid of extra pounds. A special massage technique is aimed at removing toxins and improving metabolic processes in the body, which also contributes to the burning of subcutaneous fat.

Carrying out anti-cellulite massage helps to significantly improve blood circulation in the massaged areas, it restores microcirculation, stimulates the development of elastin and collagen, the so-called “youth proteins”. As a result of the massage procedure, blood circulation in the adipose tissue increases, the production of enzymes increases. At the same time, the masseur makes traditional energetic movements that promote the resorption of the fibrous membranes surrounding the fat cells and form the so-called “cellulite nodules”.

This massage is recommended to be carried out in all parts of the body where there are problem areas, because it performs the task of improving blood circulation in all places where cellulite appears. Anti-cellulite foot massage will help get rid of the manifestations of swelling. Anti-cellulite massage of the buttocks will correct the relief of the gluteal muscles.

Many useful properties have anti-cellulite massage of the hips and abdomen, it not only helps to make the skin soft, silky and toned, but also favorably affects the general condition of the whole body. As a result of massage in women, working capacity increases, mood rises.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended to combine various types of massage and spa treatments. For example, vacuum, honey massages and various wraps are very good at fighting cellulite.

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